Coxit (about us)


Coxit Public Relations is a full service communications agency focused on achieving results for our customers. With us you will find a multitude of people with different backgrounds and different skills, and that’s precisely why we can make a difference for you and your business.

For over 10 years, Coxit has focused on creating clear messages and business benefits for our customers through effective communication. We do this by integrating PR and communication into multiple channels so that the communication of the message can effectively reach those we want to reach.

The agency was established in February 2005 by the founder and agency leader, Magnus Brøyn. Coxit PR’s roots, however, extend 15 years back in time. Brøyn led the former agencies presse & informasjon AS and Cox PR (PR unit in Cox Kommunikasjon). Coxit PR is today one of the top 10 most reputed agencies in Norway. We go a long way to create unique solutions and opportunities that provide results for our customers. We reach the goals with our customers – through communication that affects and strengthens.

Coxit PR is a member of Norwegian Information Consultants (NIR), the industry organization for information advisors in Norway. In addition, we are members of the international network, Worldcom, which is the world’s largest network of single PR agencies. This network brings together independent agencies in all parts of the world, so that we can assist national and international clients together. Through this network, our clients have access to communication expertise worldwide.

Magnus Brøyn

Magnus Brøyn is the head of the Coxit Public Relations and a Technology Expert. He has nearly 20 years of experience in PR and communication. He is often seen in Norway’s largest media and contributes with his knowledge of social media and new digital trends. Magnus is concerned with what content is published in which channel and that the content is relevant to the recipient. Based on radio in the 90’s, he knows how to create engaging content.