Contour Design

Lise Ødgren
Former Country Manager, Contour Design

Coxit PR has assisted in several product launches of new products and computer input devices for Contour Design Norway. The activities comprise press releases, distribution of products for testing amongst relevant journalists/target media and continuous follow-up of media coverage. Through storytelling based on a survey, Coxit PR was able to make Contour Design a thought leader within the business of ergonomic equipment and injuries/pains caused in the office.

Thanks to Coxit PR´s insight, knowledge and contacts in the Norwegian media landscape, especially within IT and technology, the progression of the project went quickly to a point where we both could focus on the dedicated follow-up towards already involved journalists/media as well as an extended view of the media landscape. This included extended storytelling with several approaches. In this way we wanted to create Contour Designs role as a thought leader and have an advantage in the upcoming product launches. Throughout dedicated counseling and advising in PR and communications strategy we have developed a long term vision, which will benefit Contour Design and the upcoming projects more effective.


“We needed a communication agency to build the brand when the brand was brand new. We choose Coxit and we had lots of fun. They have been continuously working on putting out new stories and angles for the products to raise awareness in addition to being in charge of a study that were conducted for several years that generated great success. We have been working successfully together while having fun and I would love to do it again”.


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