Siste nytt

Coxit er blant Norges aller mest profilerte rådgivere innen digital kommunikasjon. Med 150 unike omtaler – bare det siste året (de fleste på TV) – er Coxits posisjon sterk.

Unik posisjon
Coxit har en unik posisjon i det norske medielandskapet, spesielt innen teknologi, finans, digitale- og sosiale medier samt PR / media. Eksempelvis blir Magnus (Brøyn) ofte bedt om å kommentere og belyse nye trender innenfor disse områdene i ledende norske medier. Dette er både et bevis på vår brede kunnskap på områder som bør være interessante – samt et bevis på vår kunnskap om det nye digitale og sosiale medielandskapet – noe våre oppdragsgivere nyttiggjør seg på flere måter, ikke minst ved å jobbe med en partner som vet hvor vi er på vei.


Med deg på vårt nyhetsbrev for å motta de siste trender og få invitasjoner til våre seminarer.


Få tilgang til en komplett oversikt over vår medieomtale ved å legge igjen din kontaktinformasjon.


> Watch out! The robots are coming - Follow Magnus on his way to God Morgen Norge where he talks about (and with) Sophia the robot

> Too much phone-fun? - Apple wants us to limit our phone usage with ISO 12, Magnus is smiling on TV2 Nyhetskanalen while reminiscing the beginning of iPhone

> «Brøyn on top» - Our latest social media seminar brought along some satisfied participants, look at some of the feedback we got

> Chinese phone companies are taking over - Magnus got to play with a handfull of phones and talks about his experience on God Morgen Norge

> Rather interesting ads than.. - ads that has no relevance to you, says Magnus to TV2

> Did you guess how much social media should impact our lives? - Was one of the questions Magnus asked to the audience on our seminar

> Snapchat, Høyre and Magnus - Our social media seminar was a success, and 70 people found the way to our office in Barcode

> Your true love on Facebook - Is FB the true match maker with all the information we are willingly sharing with Facebook? Magnus asks to NRK

> We should get free use of data - While our neighbours offer free data for 300 kr, can you only get 5 GB for the same in Norway, Magnus says on P4

> Are you on Snapchat? - We invited Snapchat to talk about the opportunities they offer on our social media seminar

> Gulltaggen celebrates 20 years - While Zuck releases new numbers that proves, once a again, that FB are immun to almost everything, Magnus says on TV2

> Høyre won the digital campaign - Høyre talks about how they used social media in their campaign last year, and we invited him on our seminar

> Lets talk future - Magnus talked about what the future will bring on Prokoms conference, what will be the next big thing in the world of technology?

> Is Norway a technology nation? - We are moving from a fish and oil country, and becoming a new tech country Magnus says on TV2

> Lets take a minute to remember the life with no social media - Magnus talks to TV2-Linn about how much social medie platforms know about you

> Social media is a part of our lives - .. How much do Facebook know about you? See Magnus on TV2

> What you need to know! - Zuckerberg did not want to name his hotel he was staying at, and with that made a point about the importance of security, Magnus comments on TV2

> Day two of Zucks hearing got tougher - Magnus comments on TV2 the highlights from day two of Zucks hearing

> Zuckerberg himself was a victim of CA-scandal - Magnus commented through Zucks hearing on TV2 while they were still questioning him

> «I´ll have my team get back to you on that» - Was a common phrase after the first day of Zucks hearing, Magnus was ready with his verdict on Radio Norge

> Before Mark talks in front of the senate.. - Magnus is ready to share his thought about the upcoming hearing, hear his thoughts on P4

> Zuck is realizing the seriousness.. - Now he has to work on winning our trust back, Magnus says to Dagsavisen

> What is next for FB? - Is a good plan enough for Zuck, and what does he have to do next Magnus shares on P4

> Even 37 000 from Norway could be a victim of the scandal - New facts comes to light and Magnus is commenting on the issue on TV2

> Zuck with extreme trust issues - New facts about the FB-scandal came to light, hear Magnus comments on the issues regarding Zuck on TV2

> Magnus on the Radio; P4 - Even though thousands has shared the hashtag #detelefacebok we wont see that here in Norway

> They have to take it seriously - This has expanded and Facebook has to take it more seriously than before Magnus says on TV2

> FB has a trust issue - Magnus tells NRK, still there wont be too many people deleting their Facebook page in Norway

> It is our data on the loose - In the middle of Zuck hide away and 50 million (angry) people Magnus comments the crisis on NRK

> Everyone in marketing will spend a little extra to reach you - Magnus on God Morgen Norge talks about how you leave digital footprints behind

> Zuck and FB in trouble - How could the Facebook stock fall with 7%? Hear Magnus on God Morgen Norge talk about the Facebook crisis

> Are we wearing our wallet around our wrist? - Hear Magnus tells P4 that we will soon pay with what we have on us

> Highlights after a successful seminar - And the trends and highlights are many, watch the video here

> Magnus & co is back from Texas… - And invited to a seminar to talk about the latest trends after SXSW

> Magnus and Prince Haakon - The Crown Prince stopped and talked technology with our own Magnus, watch Magnus comments on TV2

> Directly after The Crown Prince´s talk - Magnus is on TV2 again to give the first impressions afterwards

> Royal visit on SXSW - Magnus on TV2 right before the Norwegian Crown Prince was going to speak and shorten the distance between the Norwegian and American start up environment

> Terminator is back - And fearless as he says oil companies is committing "first degree murder" Magnus tells TV2 directly from Austin

> Communication, trends and technology - Magnus has been to SXSW for years and it has begun to snatch the big innovation he comments on Medier24

> Great day in Austin - SXSW people all over the world and the atmosphere is great says Magnus directly on TV2

> SXSW; also a political interest - This year Bernie Sanders arrived in Austin as SXSW is becoming a more important platform, also for politicians

> Welcome to SXSW - Direct from SXSW Magnus is talking about the expectations of this year tech-festival

> Now there is good morning by night - Magnus was featured at the nightshow of Good morgen Norge where the highlights of the show is airing. As one of the first in Norway with Galaxy S9 Magnus makes an appearance

> Rat race between the biggest phone companies - Magnus talked on TV2 Nyhetene about the big competition between the phone companies. China has also been noticed in the market

> Magnus tried the Galaxy S9 - He comments on TV2 how our cellphone has become such a big part of our day, with the latest phone from Samsung

> The new Snapchat update… - making the users angry. Hear Magnus comments on what Snapchat is thinking with the new update

> Social media; good and bad - Magnus on P4, social media can be both arousing and addictive. More and more people struggle with internet addiction

> Where did the future go? - You can see Magnus on the serie: "Lisenskontrolløren og Livet" on NRK2. He is talking about why the future doesn´t look the way we thought it would

> It will be harder for companies on Facebook - Facebook is changing their algorithms because they have sold out their advertisements space for a year, read the interview Magnus did for TV2

> Be a good citizen - The Chinese thinks that ranking the citizens will make it easier to divide all of the 1.3 billion people, read the interview Magnus did for TV2

> The social mirror gone too far? - Magnus comments on TV2 about the new social ranking system that the Chinese government is putting in use in only two years

> AI is about how to understand us - The technology will understand us better than we most likely do ourself Magnus says on P4

> Magnus tried the Galaxy S9 - He comments on TV2 how our cellphone has become such a big part of our day, with the latest phone from Samsung

> The new Snapchat update… - making the users angry. Hear Magnus comments on what Snapchat is thinking with the new update

> Social media; good and bad - Magnus on P4, social media can be both arousing and addictive. More and more people struggle with internet addiction

> Where did the future go? - You can see Magnus on the serie: "Lisenskontrolløren og Livet" on NRK2. He is talking about why the future doesn´t look the way we thought it would

> It will be harder for companies on Facebook - Facebook is changing their algorithms because they have sold out their advertisements space for a year, read the interview Magnus did for TV2

> Be a good citizen - The Chinese thinks that ranking the citizens will make it easier to divide all of the 1.3 billion people, read the interview Magnus did for TV2

> The social mirror gone too far? - Magnus comments on TV2 about the new social ranking system that the Chinese government is putting in use in only two years

> AI is about how to understand us - The technology will understand us better than we most likely do ourself Magnus says on P4

> SnapChat doesn´t want to be Facebooks baby - Hear Magnus comments on TV2 how Facebook is trying to be more like SnapChat, but SnapChat is moving away from Facebook

> Are you worried about scams on the internet? - Listen to Magnus on TV2 comments about the importance of your digital guard

> Talks about technology - Magnus is often hired to speak about new trends within technology, this time he visited Unit4

> Snapchat, the stalker-app - Yes, your friends can see where you are through Snapchat. Magnus comments on how we are constantly online to TV2

> Can this be the new reality? - We are using digital services more than ever, it is hard to keep track of the security. Do you know if you have been hacked asks Magnus on TV2

> Companies that before hasn´t paid much taxes - EU has followed through with their promise about looking into bigger companies. Magnus comments on TV2

> €1 000 000 000 - EU has given Qualcomm a fine no less than one billion euros. Magnus commented on this for TV2

> Did the future come on time? - On NRK you can see the latest episode where Magnus talks about the future and digital trends

> Coxit also holds lectures - Coxit talks about the digital trends for Rentokil Initial

> Engaging people online - Read Dagen on how the norwegian boy Mathias got many followers on YouTube

> Why did your iPhone get slower? - TV2 Hjelper Deg asked Magnus to comment on the incident with Apple. He asks if it was purely functional, or another reason

> New competition for your bank - On NRK you can hear Magnus comments on how you can finally take full ownership over your bank and wallet

> The question is when, not if - Hear Magnus comments on how your web searches will become voice-controlled

> The box is going viral - Magnus talks about how fast trends go viral on TV2

> More friends - Magnus is talking with P4 about Facebook is changing, so you will get more updates from friends

> Facebook is changing - On TV2. Magnus talks about how you´re going to see less of celebrities on Facebook

> No business without social media - Magnus talked about the importance for companies to be on Snapchat on P4

> Your phone is listening - This is the new normal, and we have to keep our guard up, says Magnus to TV2

> When «the apple» apologize - It´s not often Apple apologizes, which makes it sensational, says Magnus on TV2

> New neighbours - TV2 visited Coxit in their new office and interviewed Magnus

> Magnus as a hologram - From NRK´s Lisenskontrolløren og Livet, Magnus talks about the future (that never came)

> Shame on Facebook - Magnus tells TV2 that maybe we will see the global companies paying a bit more taxes

> Facebook will pay - On, Facebook says they are going to start paying taxes in Norway

> Google protects your child - On, Magnus comments on how well the technology knows what to exclude from the internet

> on the aging texting - A whole generation is grown into a world with Snapchat and Messenger, have we forgot SMS?

> The text is 25 years - Even though we have many options to have to communicate, we are still texting tells Magnus to TV2

> Lets talk Bitcoin - Magnus comments about the risk in investing in Bitcoin to TV2, regarding the ups and downs

> YouTube for children? - Magnus talks about if YouTube is safe for young children, on

> The new world language - Tencent has captured the Chinese people, and Magnus tells TV2 while they are moving to new locations

> Tencent is bigger than Facebook - Next step for Tencent is to market for a global perspective

> New TV-serie on NRK1 - Magnus will be in the new TV-serie from NRK1 to talk about the future and technology

> The future is here - We will start talking to our TV and phones, while some will change our way of living tells Magnus to

> Magnus goes behind the scenes - Summary from the Web Summit the biggest news and trends

> World´s largest tech event - Towards the end of Web Summit is Magnus talking about the exciting conference

> Flying cars - ay 3 on Web Summit and Magnus mention the importance of a good groundwork when talking to a big audience

> Technology too smart? - Live on TV2 and talks about how smart the technology is getting, maybe a little too fast?

> Artificial intelligence - On TV2, Magnus talks about the big focus from Web Summit, even Hawking focused on this

> Day 2 - Magnus updates from Web Summit and the most interesting so far from Lisbon

> Coxit at Web Summit Lisbon - A sneak peak on what Summit can offer

> Directly from Web Summit - Magnus talks about the biggest rockstars in technology on God Morgen Norge

> Communication in fashion - Melk & Honning asks Magnus about the importance for brands to take a stand in crises

> New technology - On God Morgen Norge, Magnus comments new camera technology with 3D printing by phone

> Magnus at Nytt på Nytt - It´s important to hook up

> God fixed the phone - Magnus comments on many different ways to fix a broken phone on

> Shame on Facebook - On Dagsrevyen, Magnus talks about Facebooks acquiring of Skam

> Wait a bit longer - Magnus tells us why he suggests that we wait with downloading the new iOS, on

> The X is the one more thing - Magnus comments on the X and the 8 on TV2 Nyhetskanalen

> Let´s skip 9 - On, Magnus about the new phones from Apple and he shares his thought of the launch

> We use snap, you should too - VG gets Magnus comments on Snapchat regarding the Social Media list

> Be social or lose fans - Midtsiden also writes about Coxit´s list of music artists in Social Media in Norway

> Mobile news - God Morgen Norge wants Magnus to talk about the mobile news and trends from IFA

> Be a social artist - VG and Coxit came up with a list of the most social media focused artists in Norway

> The tech news from Berlin - Magnus guides us through the trends and news from IFA at God Morgen Norge

> The technology fight is on - "All" of the biggest tech companies revealed news at IFA, Magnus tells TV2

> Live from Berlin - At TV2 Nyhetskanalen, Magnus comments live from IFA in Berlin, with the latest news

> When it gets dark - Live during God Morgen Norge with Magnus, the studio gets all dark

> Careful what you stream live - Magnus talks about live streaming on Facebook, on

> Who are you? - Also Avisa Nordland refers to Magnus´ comments on Facebook-spam

> Don´t know these friends? - TV2 wants Magnus´ comments on the friend request spam on Facebook

> We are not traditional anymore - VG asks Magnus about TV-trends among young people

> New times for Uber - Magnus comments the upcoming IPO of Uber on TV2, with an advice for the politicians

> Make the future great again - On stage at Insight 2017, Magnus talks about the tech trends of the future

> Don´t get muted - Magnus comments on what you should do to have a functioning phone abroad, on

> Is your phone up to date for the summer? - On God Morgen Norge, Magnus tell us about the new EU roaming law

> Would you pay through Facebook? - In near future, you might be able to pay through Facebook and Google

> Ticket and password, please - On, Magnus comments the possibility of the US. demanding passwords

> Where´s the book of ethics? - Magnus asks what Facebook actually is thinking, on Dagsnytt 18, NRK TV & radio

> Where should the lines be drawn? - Magnus comments on Facebook´s hidden rules on TV2 Nyhetskanalen

> The debate of the Facebook rules is big - Also TV2 wants to hear from Magnus regarding Facebook´s rules

> The Guardian reveals Facebook rules - Magnus comments in an article from ITavisen

> Hidden rules for Facebook - Magnus comments the revelations from The Guardian, in VG

> Vamos a la playa - What should you use to keep your phone dry this summer? Magnus guides you on TV2 Hjelper Deg

> The giants are still giants - Magnus comments on why the technology giants are doing so extremely well on TV2

> Gulltaggen creates debate - Both digital and traditional media is important this year, Magnus comments on TV2 Nyhetskanalen

> Flying cars are here? - NRK wants to hear Magnus views on flying cars, and how far away we are

> Google, translate this - The translation on Google have been significant better lately, Magnus tells God Morgen Norge

> Well, this is awkward - As we grow on Facebook, older posts might hunt us, says Magnus on

> Let´s copy the smaller one - Facebook is copying Snapchat, and they have the position to do it, Magnus tells TV2

> It´s a make it or break it - Magnus comments on TV2 Nyhetskanalen, regarding the new S8 - which have to be a success

> S8 to the rescue - On, Magnus talks about how S8 could save the reputation for Samsung

> 1, 2, 3, 4, 5G - In the near future, everyone will utilize this kind of speed, Magnus says to ()

> How fast can we go? - On TV2 Nyhetskanalen, Magnus commented the 5G-technology, and what it means for us ()

> With the suitcase full of insight - Magnus talked about SXSW at God Morgen Norge, just after landing ()

> Howdy Cowboy - Live from SXSW, Austin, Magnus guides us trough the tech trends on TV2 Nyhetskanalen

> One more thing, from… Nokia - Magnus talks about the relaunch of Nokia 3310 on

> Snapchat might meet trouble - In Kampanje, Magnus discusses the future of Snapchat

> Will this change the world, again? - Magnus shares his view on the next iPhone on

> We love technology - Magnus comments the latest figures from Elektronikkbransjen on TV2 Nyhetskanalen

> Snap the Snap talk - Magnus wears the Spectacles on TV2 Nyhetskanalen as he talks about Snap Inc.

> Some kind of fruit company - Magnus talks about Apple´s latest results on Nyhetskanalen, and things are looking good

> What´s fake and what´s real? - God Morgen Norge asks Magnus about what fake news is, and how to be aware

> This is NOT fake news - On TV2 Nyhetskanalen, Magnus comments how fake news are becoming a problem

> This is how our lives have been changed - Magnus speaks to P4 about the 10 year anniversary of iPhone

> Talk to the tech - On God Morgen Norge, Magnus talks about the techs of today, and the iPhone 10 years ago

> A lot has changed in 10 years - Our lives have been transformed the last 10 years, Magnus tells TV2 Nyhetskanalen

> Thank you Steve - Magnus comments on how iPhone have change our lives the last decade

> Let´s find the limits of technology together - Magnus attended Dagsrevyen on NRK to talk about GPS tracking of our kids

> What happens in Vegas, do not (necessarily) stay in Vegas - During CES, Magnus comments this years tech trends on TV2

> New year, new glasses - On VGTV, Magnus talked about, and showed off, the Spectacles from Snapchat

> What did you get for Christmas? - Magnus knows what Norwegians got this Christmas, and he shares it on TV2 Nyhetskanalen

> 2016 was a great year for tech - On TV2 Nyhetskanalen, Magnus summarized the year within technology

> A look through the glasses - This will be the most popular gadgets of 2017, says Magnus on God Morgen Norge

> Don´t push every button online - Magnus comments on VGTV, on scams thru the Calendar app on iPhone

> You can´t google this information - Magnus talks to TV2 about trends from Google, after he was invited to Mountain View

> Can I have 8 minutes of your time? - Magnus attended 8 Minutes of Digital Marketing, and talked about the big trends on TV2

> SKAM is NRKs answer to Netflix - Magnus comments in VG regarding the fact that NRK is getting more popular

> Recruiting by Big Data - On TV2 Nyhetskanalen, Magnus talks about how headhunters recruit based on your social profile

> Two is not enough - With a third nationwide mobile operator prices would go down, Magnus comments on P4

> Do not outrun your inhabitants - Askøyværingen wants Magnus comments on their web focus, while on Web Summit

> Technology, and Magnus, are moving fast - God Morgen Norge interviewed Magnus just before Web Summit opened

> Lisbon in shock - The results from the American election has affected everyone at Web Summit, Magnus says

> Embrace the technology - Magnus comments LIVE from Lisbon during Web Summit, on TV2 Nyhetskanalen

> Smile and pay - VGTV interviews Magnus about Mastercard´s possibility to pay with a selfie

> Facebook is a money machine - Magnus comments Facebook´s latest figures on TV2 Nyhetskanalen

> Are you free? - On God Morgen Norge, Magnus tells you what to think about when it comes to mobile subscriptions

> VR to the people - Magnus believes this is the start of VR for "everyone", when he comments the trend on VGTV

> This will let you experience VR - On TV2 Nyhetskanalen, Magnus comments on why PlayStation VR is important

> Move the couch - Magnus guides us through VR from PlayStation in our office, on God Morgen Norge

> Pushed over the edge - In VG, Magnus talks about how Samsung have rushed, due to the competition against Apple

> Top story, but not great news (for Samsung) - Magnus is interviewed on the 21 News on TV2, regarding Samsung

> Things are heating up - This is big trouble for Samsung, Magnus tells P4, as Samsung calls back Note 7

> A reputation problem - On TV2 Nyhetskanalen, Magnus comments the latest call back of Samsung Note 7

> Wanna sell something (really quick)? - Magnus talks about Facebook Marketplace, and how this might change the market

> Just another pair of glasses, right? - Snapchat is now (just) Snap and here are the new Snap Glasses, says Magnus on TV

> Get your kitchen together - On God Morgen Norge, Magnus talked about the future of smart kitchens

> No yahoo for Yahoo - Magnus commented the story of Yahoo admitting they were hacked - 2 years after it happened

> Just another «gate» - asks Magnus to comment on the "hissing" sound from the new iPhone 7

> Let´s talk tech and sing on TV.. - Magnus song "Good Morning Norway) LIVE on TV while talking to the technology

> A debate on fire? - Magnus debated the story of the Napalm Girl Picture on TV2, hours before Facebook allowed it

> No strings attached - Magnus commented the new iPhone 7 on TV2 Nyhetskanalen, the day after the launch

> Let´s go wireless, says Apple - On God Morgen Norge, Magnus guided us through the features of the new iPhone 7

> Ones dead is another ones bread - Magnus comments on E24, after the call back of Samsung Note 7.

> Check out the trends from Berlin - On God Morgen Norge, Magnus talks us through the trends and news from IFA

> Oslo, can you hear me? - Through Skype, Magnus reports LIVE from Berlin during IFA on TV2

> Calm before the storm - Before the fair opened, Magnus reported LIVE on God Morgen Norge from IFA

> Would you track your child? - Magnus debated the use of GPS watches for children on God Morgen Norge

> Gotta catch no more - Latest numbers indicate the Pokemon GO hype is over, and Magnus comments on P5

> Don´t get tricked on Instagram - Magnus comments on the scam many Norwegians experience on Instagram, on

> Let´s support new innovations - In this comment article in InnoMag, Magnus writes about how politics isn´t supporting innovation

> Trends hits the parents - As always, the older generations find the new trends after the younger, says Magnus on P4

> How to find the way - Magnus explains the difference between handheld GPS and GPS on your phone on P4

> Check out the Norwegian elk in Google´s living room - We geared up with Google after the summer holidays

> Haven´t we seen this story before? - Insta´s new function "Stories" looks a lot like My Story, says Magnus on TV2

> Can Pokemon survive the winter? - Magnus comments on how long we will chase Pokemon, on TV2

> This is both virtual and a reality - In Romsdals Budstikke, Magnus explains what Pokemon Go is

> All gamers, out and play - Pokemon Go makes "everybody" wanna go out and play, says Magnus on NRK

> Gotta catch ´em all - Everyone is chasing Pokemon´s, and Magnus explains why it´s such a success, in VG

> Pokemon is coming to Norway - On P4, Magnus talks about Pokemon Go and that it will be popular also in Norway

> Speak Chinese, do you? - On God Morgen Norge, Magnus shares his thoughts on new (unknown) tech from China

> Don´t waste your time(line) - TV2 asks Magnus about new Facebook functionality changing your social experience

> Things are moving in Norway - On TV2, Magnus explains how Google and Facebook position themselves in Norway

> Video still kills the radio star - Magnus talks about how video are more important than ever at God Morgen Norge

> Are you swiping in every direction? - On VGTV, Magnus talks about how Tinder are challenged by "copycats"

> Not just games and fun with VR - Magnus tells you how to use VR in design and industry at God Morgen Norge

> Fight between giants - Google passed Apple as the most valuable company, and Magnus comments the duel

> No more plastic fantastic - God Morgen Norge asks Magnus about the new thing; e-sim cards in smart devices

> Dressed up to pay - TV2 asks Magnus about the future of cash and mobile payments before 17 May 2016

> Don´t surf away on holiday - God Morgen Norge asks Magnus to explain what to do before roaming this summer

> They see me roaming - Magnus talks about Telenor´s removal of the roaming fee in EU/EEA, as well as Atea´s Q1

> Fast moving trends - InnoMag interviews Magnus about the latest in PR, tech and digital communication

> Let´s make a billion - Are Traasdahl and Magnus talks about innovation at God Morgen Norge

> «The Norwegian SXSW» kicks off - Magnus is live from Gulltaggen talking about digital trends

> The reporting season is about to go Karamba.. - TV2 invites Magnus to comment on tech results

> Security issues also in Denmark - Magnus is quoted by Denmarks biggest commercial TV-station regarding Microsoft

> Did you know video can make you vulnerable? - TV2 asks Magnus to comment on a recent PC threat

> What to do when celebrating birthday in social media? - VGTV invites Magnus to share his thoughts about Facebook

> Why, when and how will Instagram change? - On VGTV, Magnus explains our new Instagram experience

> No reason to be upset - Magnus tries to calm down frustrated Instagram users in this news story by

> Wake up Norway - Self driving cars and sharing economy is the future, says Magnus on TV2´s Morning show

> Let´s raise the bar - During the main TV news broadcast, Magnus explains why you and Instagram will be better

> Instagram turning into Facebook - Magnus comments on why Instagram is changing the algorithms on TV

> Updating aren´t always upgrading - TV2 asks Magnus to comment on the trouble with IOS 9.3

> Don´t be fooled - Magnus explains what you should do when switching to Daylight Savings Time

> You should have joined Obama - In Magnus calls for more tech engagement among politicians

> Where were you? - Magnus wonders why Norwegian politicians and other influencers weren´t at SXSW

> A new Pussycat? - In this comment article in Kampanje, Magnus highligths how social trends die fast

> Hello, this is Steve Jobs - God Morgen Norge invites Magnus to talk about SXSW, and Magnus reveals a secret

> Are robots our friends? - Innomag writes about robot journalism after attending Coxit PR´s SXSW seminar

> What happens in Austin, should not stay in Austin - Magnus shares an update from this years SXSW on TV2

> Obama has left SXSW, what now? - TV2 asks Magnus to share his thoughts on LIVE TV from Austin

> The future is here, in Austin - Magnus talks about this year´s SXSW in this weekend round-up on TV

> It´s not just party at SXSW - On this morning show on TV, Magnus talks about SXSW before it begins

> Why is Obama coming, and why is SXSW important? - Magnus gives you an update before SXSW kicks off

> SXSW is the Woodstock of our time - In this article from Medier24, Magnus shares his thoughts on SXSW

> Domains, some are not approved.. - P4 asks Magnus to comment on the "black list" of Norwegian domanis

> What´s your reaction? - Magnus brings his 360 camera into the TV studio while talking about Facebook Reactions

> No more zapping - In this story from Dagsavisen, Magnus is quoted on how TV viewing will change

> Check out this show in 360 - Get a taste of how it feels to be a part of God Morgen Norge in this 360-video

> Streaming is a solution - In The Scandinavian Times, Magnus is quoted regarding the TV Norge-story

> The streaming continues - P4 asks Magnus to explain why the winner in the recent TV-war is streaming

> 360 is the real thing - God Morgen Norge wanted Magnus to talk about and demonstrate 360-videos

> Time to keep up, Twitter - TV2 asks Magnus why Twitter changed their algorithms (for the better)

> Dress for success - One of the biggest trends in 2016 will (still) be wearables according to Magnus

> Norwegians do follow the stream - E24 asks Magnus why streaming is so popular among Norwegians

> Maybe streaming ends up winning the TV war - On P4s Radiofrokost, Magnus explained why zapping is old fashion

> Google makes money faster than you can push «search» - Magnus comments the latest figures from Google

> Smile to the (hidden) camera - There´s a lot of small, hidden cameras on the market today, but tread carefully

> A new dawn for the medias - Instant Articles is launched in Norway, and Magnus explains what this means

> The speed of tech - 10 years ago the data protection day was established, today NRK asked Magnus to debate privacy

> Aren´t the apples juicy enough any more? - TV2 asks Magnus about the current situation for Apple

> Let´s snap the news - He talks about the latest figures from Apple, LIVE on TV2´s Snapchat account

> Stay hungry, stay foolish - The new Steve Jobs movie shows the role he played in forming our digital life today

> Are you sure your memories are safe? - Magnus was invited to TV2 God Morgen Norge to talk about safe storaging

> What do you do when you´re on the toilet? - P4 wanted some comments about why we use our phones in the toilet

> Viva Las Vegas - CES attracted a lot of interest, and Magnus was invited to talk about this year´s most exciting trends

> New year – new tech, right? - Magnus was asked to kick-off 2016 on TV talking about this year´s great innovations

> Have you looked at your own social reflection? - TV2 asked Magnus about how you can stop being annoying on Facebook

> Do you love talking to the technology? - TV2 wants Magnus to talk about the tech trends and what to expect in 2016

> Late to the game? - TV2 asks Magnus to guide the viewers through this year´s most exciting christmas gifts

> What can we expect? - TV2 Nyhetskanalen asks Magnus to share his thoughts on a few tech trends for 2016